Everyone loves summer camp 

Ahhh, the adventure of getting away from home, making new friends, learning new skills, having the time of your life and creating priceless memories... 

While camp is timeless and the typical rope swings, blobs and "Capture the Flag" games have always been fun, there is something new on the horizon.

Millions upon millions of people watch the X Games, follow the Dew Tour and admit to being Nitro Circus junkies. In a world where action sports are taking the main stage, there will finally be a place where today's pro's teach young people how to walk with Jesus through the best action sports coaching available.

Each summer, young people from across the globe will join a community where they are loved, uplifted and equipped... in their favorite sport and in life... at CAMP ROYAL. 

CAMP ROYAL is "Where Action Sports Meet True Identity."

CAMP ROYAL is a vehicle to proclaim identity, to show this young generation how to use their specific craft as a means to grow in character and competency and to “stretch” their capacity by challenging their limits. CAMP ROYAL will be the world's first faith-based multi-disciplinary action sports summer training camp for youth where professional athletes in every sport will provide elite training while showing campers what it means to be a child of God. 

Whether campers come as beginners or are pushing pro careers, championship-level coaches will help them bring their performance to the next level.




BMX & Free Ride MTB

With pump tracks ranging in size and difficulty, beginner to professional level dirt jumps, street, vert, bowl, foam pits... you name it! We have everything campers need to push their limits and take their riding to a whole new level at our BMX/MTB camp.


Campers can experiment with elements ranging from street, transitions, bowls, vert ramp and foam pits to shorten the learning curve and nail that new trick they’ve been dreaming about. 


Tactical Paintball

Come learn real military ops from former Navy Seals, Green Berets and SWAT Teams about how to work together as a team, clear a house, accomplish missions and, of course, come out on top in full-blown paintball battle scenarios.

Digital Media

Campers will be trained by professional photographers and videographers to master the skills necessary to creatively express themselves and their unique style through the lense of their camera and state-of-the-art digital technologies. There is a wealth of action to capture at CAMP ROYAL. Just bring a camera and tripod and we will supply the rest! 

Our plans also include the launch of sport programs such as Moto, Wake, Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking, Snowboarding and Skiing [YES, snow in the summer!], Extreme Survival, and Music.


Questions about any of the camps?

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