As you will soon see... A big part of what we are setting into motion, is an interactive action sports competition with the theme being "The Fight For Your Life"... This will be in conjunction with camp (pre-camp season) and eventually a tour - Here's a little glimpse:

Set the stage: 

Laura. Age 13. She's looking at high school and the options that come along with that. She skates with her cousin after school most days and she loves the thrill of it. She likes the feeling she gets when she's in the middle of it and she doesn't know how its going to end. You know, when you catch your breath a couple times, your eyes don't get much bigger and all you can think is, "Uh- Ah...!" Laura's decided that she wants to start doing something. She has drive. She's gutsy. 

4:06pm text message from her cousin, Jason, "sweet skate competition and bands tomorrow. called flight4life. Chris said we can talk to the pros. pick you up at 10:15? you down?" 

The next day was the most vivid and blurred day, but she would remember for the rest of her life. Bands and pros and people everywhere. The vivid part was when she walked by a stage and overheard a skater talking about his life. It was simple and to the point. She lingered. But only long enough to almost lose Jason and Chris, who didn't notice her stop. She recognized the skater's face but she couldn't remember his name. He's been on a lot of podiums. He said some things about looking for a real life. Living for more than just surviving. He talked about stuff like trying crazy new skate tricks, but in the real life. Like taking chances in life for God and feeling the adrenaline of not knowing if you're "going to land it". But at the same time not having to worry about it, because this God took care of it. It sounded good. Really good. 

Then she snapped out of it and noticed that Jason and Chris were almost to the BMX big air. She hurried off to catch up. His words kept echoing. It was at the tour that day that she heard about where she could get out of the house for a few days, hang out with pro skaters and learn some real tricks on her skate. It was perfect.

Her parents thought about her request. They weren't much for the religious thing, but the good things were that it was summer camp, she wanted to be active, it was good for her to dream about the future, and good morals couldn't hurt either. They agreed. 

Laura would tell you that her life began that summer. She came alive. It started at F4L. And she found out what that skater was talking about during the days she stayed at Camp Royal. Things started clicking for her. Understanding that she is a daughter of the King wasn't a far stretch to believe. It made sense. It was right. It was true. She really did come to life. And she learned to skate. Her beauty wasn't dictated by anyone else anymore. It was a glow that came from deep somewhere in her. Passion came out of her. Her smile started catching people's attention because it was so different, so real. 

She caught on fire.

And then, she started catching everyone around her on fire. Just because she wasn't afraid. 

The world is never going to be the same. 

Royalty is walking around all over the place, completely oblivious, for now at least... 

I want to be part of the fire. 

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