Looking up to see the ground fly underneath you... One... Two... Yep... three times. I try to picture the feeling Gavin Godfrey got when he landed his first triple back flip. I bet the word "indescribable" would apply nicely. 


As I was searching for a video of the backflip I came across a different one that got me thinking. It was a video of Travis Pastrana's backyard from a few years back (in case you want to watch it, click here). So many toys, so little time. With motors, without motors. The people looked like they were having so much fun living extreme. I found myself daydreaming about what life could look like at Camp Royal. Extreme sports, extreme people and an extreme Jesus. That is a good combo, if you ask me. 

Imagine waking up, and before you get out of bed thinking, "Today I'm going to live Life to the Fullest." Next, you get out of bed, and get filled by some Word, throw on clothes you feel good in and head out to see what crazy new thing God might do today. You might catch yourself wondering how God might use you to rock the world of one of His treasured kids. (Wheelies in the golf cart on the way to the office can be added to the daydream, just for fun.) 

I get a little giddy thinking about spending the days showing people how much value they have. Interns, Kids, Donors, Fellow Pursuers of the Kingdom of God. 


Setting fire to people who are already so primed for flame (the flame of living loud and risking everything) puts a little grin on my face as I type. 


I'm starting to realize how brilliant God is when He shares His dream of using action sports to catch the attention of this crazy generation. And then He can set them ablaze. 


The wildfire is coming. 


All I can say is that I can't wait to see what God does.


Thanks for dreaming with me, 

-Brooke Cortese 

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