Hey guys!

Just wanting to give a quick update to all of you and say hi! Summer has started here

in Texas and I thought by now I’d be talking about the “I feel like I’m living in an oven, I

can’t breathe it’s so hot in here” kind of heat...but, apparently, the Colorado weather has

decided to follow us down and start us off with one of the most mild summers Texas as

seen in years. We’re stoked! Also, we got to catch some pretty incredible fireworks on

July 4th right from the center of the Cotton Bowl!!! Yeah, it was amazing:)

Rockin Fireworks Show - Texas Style...

So...how about the World Cup in Brazil? I know tons of you did that “hang on, I’m

officially pressing pause on life because of the weird times they’re airing this thing

and I CAN’T MISS ANY OF IT” right?;) World Cup Fever was EVERYWHERE the last

few weeks with people even extending their lunch breaks to watch the games in bars,

restaurants, and even their work lobbies. I had no idea, but the World Cup is the most

viewed and followed sporting event in the world. It even trumps the Olympics as far as

viewing goes. Pretty awesome how dedicated we can be to something when we really

catch the vision for it.

As I was looking around the web, reading up on matches and watching videos, I

happened to come across this:

Bob Burnquist - Soccer meets Skate


Personally, I think we all need to petition that the World Cup 2018 in Russia includes

moves like these! Come on, we ALL know it’d be WAY more exciting with ramps and

skateboards added in. It could be an X Games meets World Cup event...but, then

again, maybe we should save all this for Camp Royal? What do you guys think?

Thanks for stopping by and checking in with us! We love knowing you’ve been here, so

feel free to leave comments. Hope you have an awesome week!