Hey everyone!


My name is Jade Valcarcel and I'm stoked to be a part of the Camp Royal team!

I'll be on here quite a bit - sort of as your "tour guide" as we watch God write this story. He's making history right in front of our eyes and I'm excited to walk with you guys, keeping you guys up to date on what's happening around here!

If you haven't, check out my bio so you know a little about who I am -


I was introduced to this awesome world through my younger brother, Charlie, who is  a fantastic street skater and extreme skier. His love for skateboarding meant lots of days spent with him at skate parks all over and so, my love for kids in this generation with passions that drive them to abandon all for the thrill of these sports was born. Seeing these kids use those driving, limit defying passions as they are called by Jesus to set the standard wherever He has gifted them, absolutely lights my heart on fire! Man, I want to see this up and coming generation be world changers, limit pushers, and all in for the Call that He has placed on their lives! It's going to be something amazing to witness and we'd better sit up and take notice in the days to come.


I also wanted to say a quick "THANK YOU" to those of you who are stopping by and checking for blog posts and updates to our sight! Our team is currently in Dallas where we're setting up shop and thoroughly enjoying this great state! Seriously, everything is bigger in Texas…no joke. We are SUPER stoked at what Jesus is doing and how He's moving in big ways! 


Our days are busy with meetings, emails, and the logistical details of starting a new chapter of this ministry, however, we did get to sneak away last weekend to experience the X Games, which was (we like to think not so ironically) held in Austin this year!!! Totally meant to be! It was awesome to say the least. 


We watched several events, but as the evening came to a close on Saturday, it was being swept up in a crowd that numbered in the thousands around the GoPro BMX Big Air competition that really stole my heart. For someone who's new to the whole extreme sports world, let me just say, dude, my heart is totally gone! Seriously! It was amazing to watch the dedication and absolute abandon of these athletes! Guys, you ROCKED it! Morgan Wade was definitely a crowd favorite, being a Texas native, and he definitely knew how to captivate his audience, eventually taking home silver with a score of 89.66. Colton Satterfield effortlessly took home gold after nailing a no-handed corked 720 over the gap to triple tailwhip on the quaterpipe for a score of 90.66. James Foster brought home bronze and his first X Games medal, with a score of 87.66. Epic!

Check it out HERE!!

Now, we're back home and diving back into life, excited to be a part of this call that we've heard! Thank you for stopping by and checking in with us. And just in case you haven't watched it yet, our promo video is now up on our home page and we'd love it if you'd check it out and share it!