Hey guys!

Thanks for checkin' out the site!! As you can see, things are in the "framing stage" as we build this - but keep coming back! We have tons of stuff just around the corner, like T-Shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers, etc...

Also, will also be posting our "TRAILER" video in a couple of weeks that is a visual of what Camp Royal is all about... so stay tuned!

For now, I just want to let you know our heart a little and so you know what to expect as things unfold- Picture with me three of the coolest things in the world...

1.) You've got a generation of young kids that don't operate on the world's guidelines or shall I say listen to the silent voices that tell everyone what is and is not possible - These kids are throwing themselves off of huge cliffs, drops,  jumps, most of the time inverted and backwards- whether on a bike, skiis or a snowboard, a wake board or skateboard, - on and on. Let's just be honest - they are awesome. They have the courage to re-define the limits and when they see something that catches their heart, they will risk it all for that one thing; commitment? Yes. We should all take notes.

(one example: 13 Year Old Marcus Kleveland Nails Triple Cork )

2.) Going with that energy, the courage and the tools that come with this lifestyle (the toys I just mentioned), and then you mix in the concept of community. This is where there are leaders (pros) who are much more than well versed in their sport - they have the keys to what life to the full is all about and a voice that get's traction because... well... they're flippin' pro athletes! You also have many that are hungry to learn - again, well equipped with the courage, but desperately in need of guidance; lives truly depending on those "keys" that these pros have to offer.

3.) Then, most of all, you've got Jesus -the Author of Life, Adventure, Thrill - talk about the One who is all about pushing the limits. Let me just state the obvious - he is the one who invented all of this crazy stuff and then put the desire in our hearts to figure all of it out! But HE is what these hearts are really seeking to find, and when the two of them meet... you better hang on. Things are about to get really, really wild.


This younger Generation + Intentional Community (camp.action sports.Jesus) = Our Vision...

"Through the best action sports training available, we are raising up Earth Shakers through the truth of the Gospel and driving home that as a child of the King of Kings, they are ROYALTY."


We hope you enjoy the ride with us!


-  Brandon Heidemann