What keeps us from taking our riding to the next level? Or from trying that new trick? Or from hitting the big kicker? Or how about when we feel that thing in our spirit that says the person next to us needs to hear that life isn't worthless, and that God is real? What keeps us from joining that team or taking our paintings to that gallery? 


Here's what I think. Life is mental. Chances are, we have what it takes. The talent, the words, the potential. What we don't have is the confidence in ourselves to do it. 


The enemy: fear. 


Just think how our world would be now if Martin Luther King Jr. had been too afraid to speak out against injustice. Where we would be if Jesus had decided that night in the garden that what was coming was just too hard; that He didn't have what it took to deal with it. Have you seen the XGames videos "20 Years, 20 Firsts"? What if Tony Hawk didn't have the guts to try the 900 that day in San Fran?   http://xgames.espn.go.com/events/2014/austin/feature/10853988/x-games-20-years-20-first-moments

It makes me start thinking about what my life would look like if I hadn't let fear be my gauge. 


The real question is how do we stop letting fear drive our decisions, and our riding? We've got to start wanting that next level more than we want comfort. In the moment of choice we have to pick the crazy side. Let adrenaline win. Otherwise, you're going wake up years from now and be afraid. Still. 


What will life look like today if you kill fear and just go for it?