Our camp's name is Royal, right? We've been talking a lot about being Royalty. But what does that mean, exactly? Are we really children of a King? Because if that is true, we'd be kind of a big deal!

What I have discovered is that living like I'm royal is a complete mental switch. The thing is, as soon as we become part of the kingdom of God, we become royal. So I already am royal. I just need to live like it. Everyday I choose whether or not I will act and think like the woman I already am. 


It makes me think of a little movie I've watched with my boys. It is about this little "Snoodle" who goes around letting other "Snoodles" paint pictures of him. They pile each painting into his bag. They are heavy and depress him because they point out all of the things he isn't good at, or the things that he can't do. He decides he's not worth anything and climbs up a mountain to live isolated. But then, when he gets up there he meets someone else. This stranger takes out all the paintings from the bag and throws them into the fire. And then He draws our little friend a new picture. This new picture shows our little friend as older and stronger. As more confident and capable. This new picture shows him as the Stranger already sees him, even though the little Snoodle hasn't become what the painting looks like. Yet. 


I know what its like to be in the shoes of that little Snoodle. Both in the area of letting other people paint pictures of me that will weigh down my bag, but also how God has taken those stupid pictures out of my bag and thrown them into the fire. He has painted a new one for me that shows me as beautiful. As confident. As filled with power to do crazy things. As Important. As capable. It is all because I am His daughter. And He is my Daddy. That makes me Royalty.  


So when I wake up, when I'm living life, especially when I have to deal with issues, I choose which paintings I'm going to be like.

I want to act like the Royalty I am. 


So, all this to say, if you have given your life to the awesome God, you are already Royalty. Choose to live like you know it. Live in confidence, and love people the way they deserved to be loved, as Royalty. 


Until next time, 

-Brooke Cortese